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Discover the benefits
  • Up to 10% reduced fuel consumption compared to previous models.
  • Enhanced efficiency due to Hitachi’s industry-leading hydraulic system, TRIAS III.
  • Improved comfort in the cab with integrated console and seat suspension, lowest noise levels in the market and 20% less vibration than previous models.
  • Increased safety thanks to superior visibility and 270-degree bird’s-eye view from the cab.

Specifications for the ZX-7 super long front excavators

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  • Moteur et système hydraulique
Modèle Isuzu 4HK1X (ZX250-7), 6HK1X (ZX300-7, ZX350-7)
Type emissions EU Stage V
Motuer type 4-cycle water-cooled, common rail direct injection
Aspiration Variable geometry turbocharged, intercooled, cooled EGR
Post-traitement DOC, CSF and SCR system
Nombre 4 (ZX250-7), 6 (ZX300-7, ZX350-7)
Cylindrée 5.193 / 7.790 / 7.790 L
Pompe de pilotage 1 gear pump
Débit d’huile maximal 35.5 / 34.7 / 36.8 L/min
  • Force de cavage du godet et du bras
Force de cavage du godet* ISO 78 - 104 kN
Force de pénétration du bras* ISO 49 - 83 kN
  • Poids et pression au sol
Shoe grouser type triple
Shoe width 600 / 900 mm
Operating weight 28 700 - 39 500 kg
Ground pressure 40 - 73 kPa
  • Rayons d’action
Longueur de bras 2.95 / 3.7 m
Portée de fouille max. 12 340 - 14 100 mm
Profondeur de fouille max. 7 140 - 8 870 mm
Hauteur de déversement max. 8 130 - 9 080 mm
  • Longueur du train de chenilles
Longueur train roulant 6 360 mm
Largeur globale superstructure 2 870 - 2 990 mm
Hauteur hors tout de la cabine 3 010 / 3 120 / 3 150 mm
  • Fonctionnalités supérieures
Puissance nominale du moteur (kW) 140 / 197 / 210 kW (ISO14396)
Poids en ordre de marche (kg) 28 700 - 39 500 kg
Max. digging reach (mm) 15 070 - 22 070 mm
Attachments enhance the performance of your ZX-7 excavator
  • Durable hydraulic breakers, buckets and ground engaging tools will increase your profit by maximising productivity and uptime.
  • Choose from a wide range of Hitachi buckets to suit the application. Quick coupler connections are also available.
  • Hitachi-approved breakers are easy to maintain, user-friendly, and high-quality materials ensure a long lifetime.
  • Hitachi ground engaging tools (GET) fit precisely to your attachments, and are quick and safe to install and replace.


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André Molenaar A. Molenaar zand en grond B.V.

It’s great to work with the people from Hitachi, because they have the same mentality as we do. They are solution-focused - that was the case 30 years ago, and it still is today.

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