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The Hitachi Mini Excavator Remarkably Reduces Customer’s Burden in Orcharding and Slope Finishing

7 June, 2006


Customer Name: Mr.Hirohumi Nakagawa
Business field: Orcharding
Product: Mini Excavators
Region: Japan



The customer has long been engaged in orcharding, with about 250 peach trees in a broad area of about 12,900 m2. The introduction of a mini excavator increased work efficiency remarkably.

The customer strongly felt the benefits through the use of the machine in planting season. Peach trees require replanting every 10 years, so the customer replanted about 20 trees each year in the period of September to March next year. This requires tremendous labor and time.

Customer Comments

We used to cut off branches with chainsaws, and dig around roots with shovels. Today, the mini excavator can fell trees in a short time, without the help of human labor.

In addition to replanting, the machine is used for compost mixing, culvert excavation, and slope finishing.


The introduction of the mini excavator makes possible efficient orchard management, paying for investment costs.

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