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EX1200BE-5 hydraulic backhoe at MacDougall Mining’s coal mine

The first Hitachi EX1200BE-5 hydraulic backhoe to be put into service in New Zealand was commissioned in April 2003 at MacDougall Mining’s coal mine near Huntly. The EX1200BE-5 has an operating weight of 108 tons, is equipped with a 7.5 m boom,3.4 m arm and a 6.7 m3 bucket. The EX1200BE-5 is used for stripping overburden to expose coal seams allowing extraction of the coal by a EX1100BE-3 and a ZAXIS330.


Why Hitachi

We consider Hitachi to have superior features and benefits for our application. We have also mining01found CablePrice (NZ) Limited offers excellent after sales service and parts back-up and go out of their way to accommodate our requests for service and machine repairs.

Customer Comments

At the time of evaluating our options against the competitor’s machines we found Hitachi to be at the forefront with technology that provides an upgrade in performance and reliability.

From Hitachi Dealer

MacDougall Mining has been a very loyal customer to CablePrice (NZ) Limited for three decades, they are willing to work with us to create a win-win situation. We thank MacDougall Mining for purchasing Hitachi construction equipment and wish them every success for decades to come.

Customer Profile

Company Name:
MacDougall Mining Company Limited
Huntly, New Zealand
Hitachi Dealer:
CablePrice (NZ) Limited


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