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EX3500/1800 - Over 91% Availability after 88,765 Operating Hours

The PT Kaltim Prima Coal mine site (KPC) is located 120 kilometers north of Samarinda in Kalimantan, Indonesia. KPC is one of the lowest cost coal mining operations and one of the largest shovel and truck operations in the world. It produces 18 M tons of coal per-year and moves 136,000,000 BCM of overburden.

Availability around 90,000 Operating Hours

Hitachi currently has 10 EX3500 and four EX1800 large-scale excavators working on site. It mining02is the world’s biggest fleet of Hitachi large-scale excavators. The first EX3500 was delivered in December 1990, and up to now, a total of 12 EX3500 excavators and 6 EX1800 excavators have been delivered.

What is outstanding about this operation is the availability of these excavators after so many hours on the job. The first EX3500 passed 88,209 operating hours in December, 2003. The average availability of the EX3500 is 91.42%, for an average of 71,084 operating hours,
and for the EX1800, 92.42% for 89,828 operating hours.

as of Dec. 2003

Operting Hours & Avialibity by Equipment
Model Attachment Operating Hour Availability to Date (%) FMC Hour
EX3500-1 Loader 88,765 91.40% 96,000
EX3500-2 Loader 78,438 92.41% 96,000
EX3500-2 Backhoe 84,248 91.50% 96,000
EX3500-2 Loader 77,757 91.57% 96,000
EX3500-2 Backhoe 76,199 90.37% 96,000
EX3500-2 Backhoe 74,479 93.49% 96,000
EX3500-2 Loader 71,286 89.66% 96,000
EX3500-3 Loader 52,319 87.89% 96,000
EX3500-3 Loader 54,915 92.81% 96,000
EX3500-3 Loader 52,429 93.15% 96,000
EX1800-2 Backhoe 89,828 92.17% 96,000
EX1800-2 Backhoe 88,854 94.07% 96,000
EX1800-2 Backhoe 84,975 92.61% 96,000
EX1800-2 Backhoe 81,479 90.83% 96,000


Operting Hours & Avialibity by Model
Model Total Equipment Min. Hour Max. Hour Average Hour Average Availability
EX3500 10 52,319 88,765 71,084 91.42%
EX1800 4 81,479 89,828 86,284 92.42%

FMC - Full Maintenance Contract

A key factor for this high availability is support from PT. Hexindo Adiperkasa, the Hitachi dealer in Indonesia and from Hitachi Japan. The site is remote and access from the outside is difficult. To keep all machines in good condition, KPC chose a full maintenance contract (FMC) with Hexindo and Hitachi. Since the first EX3500 was delivered, Hexindo and Hitachi have been maintaining service facilities on the site. Now there are 180 staff members working for 24 hours, seven days a week. The contract was originally agreed upon for a five year period. Then it was extended repeatedly up to the present since KPC has been very happy with the high reliability and availability of their excavators, which is the key factor for successful and profitable operation of this site. The current contract is now up to 96,000 hours.

Customer Profile

Company Name:
PT Kaltim Prima Coal
East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Coal 18 M ton
Stripping Ratio:
6:1 to 8:1
Hitachi Dealer:
PT. Hexindo Adiperkasa
 Note: EX3500 and EX1800 are not currently available. For needs similar to those described on this report, please look at EX3600-5 and 1900-5.
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