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Enviropacific services lead the way with HITACHI soil recycling


Enviropacific’s new SR2000G working on site.

In January this year, Enviropacific Services, a leading contaminated site remediation and waste management service provider, took delivery of the nation’s first Hitachi SR2000G Soil Recycler.

The machine will be used to stabilise contaminated soil and sediment, and to enhance bioremediation of organics in soil and sludges. The SR2000G complements their existing range of specialist environmental plant and equipment. We spoke to David Wood, Manager South East and Director of Enviropacific Services, about their new purchase.

Firstly, has it been exciting to be the first owner in Australia of the new SR2000G?

Enviropacific (EPS) is very exited by the new opportunities that will be presented to our company by being an owner of the SR2000G. We feel it provides our company with a real point of difference in the contaminated soil remediation market.

How was this machine accepted by your staff?

The employees exposed to the SR2000G thus far have been extremely impressed with its performance, features and ease of operation. Project Managers in our Victorian and QLD offices have been marketing the machine and its capabilities and are very keen to get the Hitachi onto projects in ‘their state’. It has become a bit of a competition between states and Project Managers to see who can keep the machine the busiest!

How has the machine performed so far?

We have been impressed with the machine’s production rates, additive feed accuracy and maneuverability.

What new tasks can you do with this machine that you couldn’t previously?

The plant offers much more flexibility when compared to typical ‘Pugmill’ type plant because of its maneuverability and ease of mobilisation / establishment onto a site.

How has the customer reaction been?

We have had a lot of customers showing a keen interest in the SR2000G and its capabilities, and we have several projects on the books in the coming months.

Thanks Dave!

An Enviropacific operator at the helm of the SR2000G.
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Customer Profile

Customer Name: Enviropacific Service
Business field: Waste / Scrap Recycling
Product: SR2000G Track Mounted Soil Recycler
Region: Australia



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