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ZAXIS398 and ZAXIS300W Boost Material Handling Efficiency

26 July, 2005


Customer Name: Phoenix Metal Corporation
Business field: Material Handling
Product: ZAXIS398 and ZAXIS300W
Region: Japan

Why Hitachi

Hitachi provided optimum solutions to our complicated requirements: the design and building of a productive material handling machine in place of the conventional machine mounted on the foundation; reuse of this foundation for a new machine; and limited installation space, period and costs, says Mr. Takeshi Mizuguchi, director and manager of ichihara office.

Mr. Takeshi Mizuguchi, director and manager of Ichihara office

In response to our requirements, Hitachi designed and built the ZAXIS398 electric high-post type material handling machine to be mounted on the exiting foundation, using four new steel blocks, at low costs and in a short period.

We requested the adoption of a high-powered motor with an inverter to increase speed and torque beyond the conventional, says Mr. Masao Komatsu, manger of the factory.

Mr. Masao Komatsu, manager of the factory

Product Features

The ZAXIS398 electric high-post type material handling machine equipped with the long front was installed in 2004. The ZAXIS398 boosts production with ample power in various scrap handing works, including dumping steel scraps into a guillotine shear.

The ZAXIS300W wheeled hydraulic excavator with linkage type high cab was also introduced in 2004, soon earning a high reputation for mobility, productivity and fuel efficiency. The machine is now briskly moving about at the stockyard, carrying metal scraps. It works seven to eight hours a day.


Customer Comments

The ZAXIS398 and ZAXIS300W are well matched for efficient material handling, coping with the increase in an amount of industrial refusals.

“The adoption of both the machines was a good decision to do cost-effective operation.” says Mr. Masahiko Sato, stockyard supervisor.

“The ZAXIS398 provides higher operating efficiency as expected, despite the restricted installation period and costs.” says Mr. Takeshi Mizuguchi.

“The ZAXIS300W is productive. Front operation and mobility are satisfactory with operator-friendly controls, achieving fuel-efficient operation.” says Mr. Sugaya Yuichi, operator.

The ZAXIS398 is working seven to eight hours per day, including dumping materials of about 160 tons into a guillotine shear.

“I am satisfied with the productivity of the ZAXIS398. Power is big, and speed is fast. Material handling capacity increases 1.8 times, as compared with the conventional” says Mr. Yoshio Itoh, exclusive operator.


(Photo: Shinya Kojima Original Text in Japanese: Yuji Masuda Translation:TWU)

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The ZAXIS398 is well teamed up with the ZAXIS300W.
The ZAXIS398 mounted on the existing foundation, using four steel blocks
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