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ZAXIS450 Plays a Key Role in Metal Recycling

22 January, 2007


Customer Name: Azuma Metal Co., Ltd.
Business field: Metal recycling
Product: ZAXIS450 with linkage type high cab
Region: Japan


Why Hitachi

Hitachi has consistently provided optimum solutions to metal recycling problems and valued information on the operation and maintenance of the Hitachi products.


A fleet of 10 Hitachi products are now at work. The Hitachi ZAXIS450 plays a key role in metal recycling.

The ZAXIS450 with linkage type high cab for automobile wrecking


The customer, based in Tokyo, Japan, has steadily expanded its business line, covering automobile wrecking, Freon recovery and destruction processing, fluorescent lights processing, and aiming at the listing on the Stock Exchange. The customer acquired industrial waste treatment certification 12 years ago.

Clockwise from upper left: Manual sorting of nonferrous metals; crushing fluorescent lights; nugget plant for cable
Clockwise from upper left: Freon recovery system; caking Freon with lime; Freon buster (plasma processing)

In 2004, the customer constructed a leading-edge shredder dust incinerator plant, with a huge investment of around 1 billion yen in Gunma. This incinerator is of the rotary kiln type that can incinerate shredder duct completely, emitting only steam without dust and odor.

Rotary kiln type incinerator plant

Shredder dust is usually dumped at landfills. In recent years, however, it becomes clear that municipal landfills are in shortage. To solve this social problem, focus is on the incinerator plant.

Also, the water treatment system was introduced for the reuse of drainage and rain water on the premises for cooling the incinerator.

Shredder dust yard (left); stack that emits only steam (right)
Water treatment system

Customer Comments

Though the investment is huge, our commitment to new technologies has brought more than expected: improving technological expertise and know-how, and building a high reputation among our customers, thus boosting the value of the company, says Mr. Kobayashi, operating officer & manager of general affairs.

Mr. Kunio Kobayashi, operating officer & manager of general affairs

Metal recycling business requires the understanding of residents and community around the factory. To this end, the customer has consistently disclosed information on safety and environment preservation in response to the request of residents.
The customer is engaged in joint studies with universities on how to dispose of a new breed of materials and recycles them, says Mr. Kazuaki Ishizuki.


(Photo: Shinya Kojima Original Text in Japanese: Satoshi Sato Translation:TWU)

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Mr. Kazuaki Ishizuki, manager of technical dept.
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