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Count on Hitachi Construction Machinery – no matter where you are

We always aim to achieve a maximum return on your investment. We’ve equipped our dealers with the tools, knowledge and resources they’ll need to make sure your machine consistently operates at an optimum level.

In addition to technical expertise, our dealers can offer you extended warranty options and service contracts, preventative maintenance advice, and assistance with parts and components. We’ll go the extra mile to monitor the condition of your equipment, whether it’s online using our remote monitoring application (Global e-Service and ConSite).

Extended Warranty

Give your machine a further protection.

Extended Warranty is designed to optimize the performance of your machine, reduce downtime and ensure a higher resale value.

Joining Extended Warranty, you will enjoy the benefits below;

  • Qualified Dealer Service
  • Lower risk of unexpected failure
  • Higher resale value under specific dealer service

Global e-Service on Fleet Management

Provide you the up to date information automatically.

Global e-Service is a centralized remote machine management system provided by Hitachi Construction Machinery which can help you to;

  • Monitoring machine operation 24/7 to enhance efficiency and to maximize availability
  • Receiving machine alarm and maintenance reminder to avoid unexpected/emergency failure
  • Searching necessary parts information from the ConSite ISF (Intelligent Service Parts Finder)


Monitor your machine closely with ConSite.

ConSite is a remote machine monitoring & reporting service.

ConSite automated data report service to monitor your machines’ operational status and alarms closely.

By sending monthly operational reports and with emergency alarms notifying potential operational issues via email or app, ConSite ensures you have optimally tuned machines to meet your specific needs.

Maintenance & Technical Support

Protect your machine professionally.

We prides itself on achieving a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction and machine reliability through our trained dealer service and advanced technology support.

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