Hitachi Construction Machinery


Our goal is to “keep customer equipment at a maximum performance level”. To fulfill this goal, we have set more than 150 dealers all over the world. They have highly trained technicians, and provide the following support programs:

  • HELP (Hitachi Extended Life Program)
  • Periodical Inspection Service

Also, Hitachi Construction Machinery provides the following to assist dealers with product support & parts activities:

  • MaintenancePro Dr. for our equipment
  • Technical Training Center: Japan based training HQ to train dealer technicians
  • Parts Depot: To minimize delivery time, we set four parts depots across the world

If you would like more information regarding parts and/or service, please ask your nearest Hitachi dealer.

Service Offering

Extended Warranty - HELP

Hitachi provides a unique extended warranty program called Hitachi Extended Life Program, or HELP.

Diagnostic Tools - MaintenamcePro Dr.

To minimize downtime during troubleshooting, we developed a MaintenancePro Dr.

Technical Training

To keep our customers’ equipment in top running shape, good service is indispensable. We believe personnel training is the key to providing the best service.

Service Information for customers who purchased ZX-6, ZW-6

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

There is a risk of serious failure if contamination such as dirt, dust or water is mixed in with DEF/AdBlue® (hereinafter called “DEF”). When refilling and storing DEF, perform thorough management.

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