Hitachi Construction Machinery


Diagnostic Tools – MaintenancePro Dr.

If failures occur, field technicians have to check not only mechanical/fluid systems, but also electric systems.
Downtime for troubleshooting is therefore lengthened. To minimize downtime during troubleshooting, we developed diagnostic system called “MaintenancePro Dr”



MaintenancePro Dr. has following system.

Monitoring System

This system allows dealers to monitor information about hydraulic pressure, Hydraulic Oil Temperature, Actual Engine speed, etc., that is sent from sensors or switches.


Troubleshooting function

This system allows dealers to check failure codes occurring in the electric system.
If any error code occurs, Dr.ZX will display the error code, the meaning of the error code and the necessary corrective action



To optimize production, MaintenancePro Dr. can adjust engine speed and hydraulic oil pressure, etc…


Dealer Information

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