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Technical Training

To keep our customers’ equipment in top running shape, good service is indispensable. We believe personnel training is the key to providing the best service.

Technical Training Center in Japan

To provide the best service to our customers, Hitachi established the Technical Training Center (TTC) in Japan. TTC is the Headquarters of Hitachi worldwide technical training. At TCC we plan worldwide training courses, train dealer service and training personnel, and provide the latest training materials.

Our instructors not only have theoretical knowledge, but also a lot of experience in service as engineers and managers. That’s why our dealers can keep service quality high and customers satisfied. training_01Technical Training Center in Japan

Technical Training & Demo Center in EU

Technical Training & Demo Center in EU

Located in the harbor of Amsterdam are a factory and Training and Demonstration Center (TDC).With a total area of 3000 m2, the service center of Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) N.V. (HCME) offers a complete package of functionalities. Dedicated areas of the TDC building are equipped especially to accommodate technical, sales and management training. It is also the place where dealers and their clients or staff are welcomed for product presentations and it is the location where all of HCME’s dealer meetings are held. Conveniently the medium excavator and wheel loader factory is on the same grounds so guests at the TDC can take a factory tour as well.

training_03Class Room Training

Practical Training Room

Dealers' Comments

The following are comments from service personnel who attended our technical training courses.

  • Many interesting topics are included, and these topics are suitable for engineers and mechanics (LX300 Technical Training Course, Singapore & Myanmar)
  • Satisfied with training materials (EX2500-5 Technical Training Course, India)
  • This is the information I need for my work (Zaxis160W Instructor Course, Sweden)
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