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Company Profile

HCM’s main product line is hydraulic excavators, with the Company manufacturing many models, from medium-sized and mini excavators all the way up to 780-ton ultra-large excavators. HCM is a leader in the area of construction machinery, and has manufacturing facilities in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

HCM also markets wheel loaders, off-road dump trucks and other products made by HCM Group companies or in partnership with major manufacturers.

Our Vision & Principles

“Toward the richness of Earth and prosperous communities in the future…”
Hitachi Construction Machinery is contributing to the creation of comfortable living spaces.

Codes of Conduct

Hitachi Construction Machinery formulated the HCM Group Codes of Conduct as specific common conduct codes for the Group. We consolidated subsidiaries worldwide then formulated their own codes of conduct in line with the same content.

Company Outline

Here you will find our background information including address, foundation, business lines and network.


HCM was established in 1970, when Hitachi, Ltd. spun off its construction machinery division. When it was still part of Hitachi, HCM was involved in the production of Japan’s first mechanical excavator, more than 50 years ago.

Directors and Executive Officers

Following is the list of HCM Directors and Executive Officers.

HCM's Manufacturing Bases

HCM manufactures construction equipment using the fully-integrated production systems of its Tsuchiura Operations Group facilities near the city of Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan.

TIERRA+ Library

Tierra+ is a magazine which introduces Hitachi Construction Machinery Group’s various worldwide activities. Please find below our latest issue and access to the back number issues.

Research & Development

Technical Research Center and design/manufacturing/testing department cover research and development. See our research developments.

Corporate Profile (PDF 2.8MBytes)

Downloadable our company brochure is here.

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