Hitachi Construction Machinery


HCM’s Manufacturing Bases

HCM’s construction machinery is manufactured based on a fully integrated, comprehensive production system centering on the Tsuchiura Works located near the city of Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture. The construction machinery produced here operates in Japan and respective countries worldwide in various areas ranging from residential and building construction, plant construction, urban development, infrastructure maintenance and mining resources, including coal and minerals, to the modernization of telecommunications and transportation networks and the creation of more greener and more environment-friendly living environments.

Tsuchiura Works

Encompassing an expansive 490,000-square-meter site, the Tsuchiura Works manufactures a complete range of construction equipment including small- and medium-sized hydraulic excavators. The Tsuchiura Works also houses a hydraulic machinery plant producing pumps, motors and other hydraulic machines, as well as a parts division and various laboratories. It also hosts our Technical Research Center, which conducts diverse kinds of basic and applied research. In all areas of its operations, from R&D to design, production and inspection, the Tsuchiura Works brings to bear the most advanced technologies in a constant effort to raise its construction machinery, factory automation and other products to ever higher levels of performance and quality.

Kasumigaura Works

Occupying a 180,000-square-meter site not far from the Tsuchiura Works, the Kasumigaura Works is a high-tech production line designed to be operated by minimal staff. This is made possible by the use of an array of computer-controlled devices including material-handling robots, NC machine tools, unmanned conveyance carts and automated warehouse facilities. The plant manufactures key components of construction machinery, such as reduction gears, swing wheels and rollers, and supplies them to assembly lines at the Tsuchiura Works and to our overseas production bases.

Hitachinaka Works

Occupying a 210,000-square-meter site as the third plant established following the Kasumigaura Works, the Hitachinaka Works manufactures large and ultra-large hydraulic excavators and key components for dump trucks used in applications such as mining, as well as wheel loaders, crawler cranes and other machinery, and supplies them to assembly lines at the Tsuchiura Works, Ryugasaki Works and to our overseas production bases.

Hitachinaka-Rinko Works

Occupying a 180,000-square-meter site located within Ibaraki Port (Hitachinaka Port), which is one of Japan’s major ports, the Hitachinaka-Rinko Works manufactures large and ultra-large hydraulic excavators, as well as dump trucks used in applications such as mining, and supplies these products to respective countries worldwide by taking the advantage of its convenient location adjacent to the port.

Plant History



  • Tsuchiura Works begins production



  • Adachi Works merges with Tsuchiura Works to form New Tsuchiura Works


  • Manufactures 70,000th hydraulic excavator – a “world’s first”


  • Manufactures 100,000th hydraulic excavator


  • Kasumigaura Works completed


  • Awarded PM “Excellent Place of Business” Awardplant_1993


  • Manufactures 250,000th hydraulic excavator


  • Obtains ISO 9001 certification plant_1996


  • Releases the EX5500, one of the world’s largest hydraulic excavators
  • Obtains ISO 14001 certification plant_1997


  • Awarded JIT grand prix award


  • Marketed “ZAXIS” series “e-excavators”
  • 300,000th hydraulic excavator built


  • Won the “2000 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Award” for ZAXIS series


  • Begins manufacturing brand-name cranes under 90 tons upon establishment of Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co., Ltd.


  • Received Miles Company Award from the Society of Japanese Value Engineering


  • Developed EX8000, one of the largest-class hydraulic excavators manufactured in Japan


  • Completed construction of Hitachinaka Works


  • Completed construction of Hitachinaka-Rinko Works


  • Took over operations of Ryugasaki Works from TCM Corporation


  • Took over operations of Ryugasaki Works to KCM Corporation

Detailed Information

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