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The Examination of Algae Derived Biofuel, Soladiesel RD

We succeeded in the working for 500 hours in our excavator with Solazyme's algae-derived Soladiesel RD.

We investigate the various fuel including biofuel. The one of our recent accomplishment is the examination with Solazyme’s algae-derived SoladieselRD it attracts high attention for the renewable energy.
Microalgae is the microscopic phytoplankton which live in both sea, fresh water and on land. Algae produce several hundred times oil than other oil crops, although the size is about 10 μm. In addition, it doesn’t effect on the price of food. Therefore, it is expected that algae can reduce the dependent on the fossil resources. It can say that algae have a potential to come true a sustainable society.
We investigated information about algae and got the algae derived biofuel, SoladieselRD. The cooperator is Maeda Road Construction Co., Ltd. who has a lot of interest in biofuel for environment. The examination was conducted at one of the Maeda road´s factory. We set working for 500 hours which is an engine oil exchange time as a goal and gathered information during the examination. The testing machine ZH200 which is fuel-efficient has worked well and operator who works for 14 years said that it produce as much power as diesel fuel. Solazyme’s algae-derived SoladieselRD we used in this examination is different from conventional biofuel. It has some characteristics which can be found in neither conventional biofuel nor diesel fuel. It has high cetane number and doesn’t contain sulfur or aromatics. These characters have a good effect on the emission reduction. However it can mix with diesel fuel, we decided to use 100% SoladieselRD according to our previous consideration between machine and fuel. As a result, we succeeded in the working for 500 hours in our excavator ZH200 with 100% algae derived SoladieselRD.


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