These trucks drive in trolley mode only when climbing hills, setting the engine to idle and drawing power from the pantograph installed on top of the body into the vehicle from the overhead wires. When loading or discharging earth, running downhill or on other locations where overhead wires are not installed, the trucks drives in diesel mode, powered by on-board generators(diesel engine power). From these functions, it leads prevention of global warming through the reduction in CO2 emissions, the reduction in fuel consumption, increase in productivity through higher speeds when climbing hills, and reduction in engine maintenance costs. These are all major benefits for our customers.

Trolley Dump Trucks

Ultra-large hydraulic excavator has an external cable power supply and three-phase induction electric motor, and also many environmental benefits, such as no exhaust emissions and CO2 from the excavator itself (because no engine is on-board), as well as waste such as engine oil and filters not being generated.

Ultra-Large Electric Hydraulic Excavators