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Jan, 13 2017 [Announcement] China Monthly Data: Demand updated
Dec, 27 2016 [Announcement] Notice Regarding Transfer of Shares Involving Change of Subsidiary
Dec, 21 2016 [Announcement] Notice Concerning the Acquisition of H-E Parts
Dec, 20 2016 [Announcement] IR Calendar updated
Nov, 1 2016 [Announcement] Notice on Commencement of Share Takeover Offer for the Acquisition of Share in Australian Corporation “Bradken Limited”
Oct, 31 2016 [Announcement] Outline of Answers to Main Questions at Explanatory Meeting for the Second Quarter Ended September 30,2016
Oct, 27 2016 [Financial Results] Announcement of Results for the 2Q ended September 30, 2016
Oct, 27 2016 [Announcement] Notice Concerning Difference between Forecast and Actual Financial Result
Oct, 27 2016 [Announcement] Notice concerning Distribution of Interim Dividend
Oct, 3 2016 [Announcement] Notice on Execution of Agreement with Regard to Acquisition of Share in Australian Corporation “Bradken Limited” and Scheduled Commencement of Share Takeover Offer for the Acquisition
Jul, 27 2016 [Announcement] Revision of Forecasts of Earnings
Jun, 2 2016 [Announcement] Notice for the convocation for the 52nd Annual Shareholder’s Meeting
Mar,31 2016 [Announcement] Notice of Profits from Business Structural Reform
Mar,28 2016 [Announcement] Notice Regarding Results of Implementation of Early Retirement Incentive Program
Jan,8 2016 [Announcement] CSR & Financial Report 2015 added
Oct,27 2015 [Announcement] Notice Concerning Acquisition of 100% Ownership of a Consolicated Subsidiary by Simplified Share Exchange
Jun,23 2015 [Announcement] Consolidated Financial Results for the Year Ended March 31, 2015(IFRS) added
Apr,1 2013 [Announcement] IR News Mail Delivery Service started


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