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Dividend Information

Dividend Policy

The Company will work to bolster its internal reserves while considering maintaining and strengthening its financial structure and implementing plans for upfront investments, including investments for technology development and facilities based on medium- and long-term business strategies. At the same time, the Company will pay dividends linked to its consolidated business results twice, interim and year end, in the fiscal year and aim to achieve a consolidated dividend payout ratio of approx. 30% or more.

*Note : Latest further information is as below.

 Press Release on October 27, 2020 : Notice Concerning Distribution of Interim Dividend (PDF 115kMBytes)

 Press Release on June 18, 2020 : Notice Concerning Distribution of Year-End Dividend(PDF 124kBytes)

Dividend Performance

Mar ’15
Mar ’16
Mar ’17
Mar ’18
Mar ’19
Mar ’20
Cash dividends per share (yen) 60 40 12 85 100 60
Payout ratio (%) 55.6 96.6 31.8 30.1 31.0 31.0
*The Company adopted International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) for the consolidated financial statements from the fiscal year ending March 31, 2015.

Cash Dividends per Share

Shareholder Benefits

Hitachi Construction Machinery does not have a Shareholder Benefit Plan.

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