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Amid a polarizing market, we are strengthening our business structure to meet the needs of each region.

With their vast lands, great populations and rich underground resources, there is a strong need in emerging markets for construction machinery for the establishment of infrastructure and development of resources. In these markets, machines are used in tough environments, such as operating for long periods of time in extreme worksites. So there is a demand for highly durable machines that do not break down easily, that can be repaired quickly if something does go wrong, and that are simple and highly cost-effective.

Developed markets on the other hand seek machinery that complies with environmental regulations such as those for exhaust emissions, and that incorporates advanced features related to fuel efficiency and other areas.

Amid such a polarizing construction machinery market, the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group will meet different customer needs in all countries and regions, through the supply of optimal products attuned to the respective region and by enhancing the solutions business such as services and financing.

In China

  • Expand our dealer network across the entire country
  • Models suited to emerging countries, with excellent durability and cost effectiveness, are doing well
  • Strengthen productivity, and meet market needs for an increasingly larger model lineup

In India

  • Engage in manufacture and sales at our joint venture with the TATA Group*, Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery
  • Take full advantage of the TATA Group‘ network, and secure a strong market position for hydraulic excavators
  • Promote the cultivation of other emerging markets, such as in Africa and the Middle East, using India as a strategic base
* The TATA Group is the largest industrial conglomerate in India, comprised of about 100 companies in sectors such as IT, automobiles, steel and food.

In Asia and Oceania

  • Strengthen customer support by utilizing Global e-Service, and respond to expanding market demand

In the Americas

  • In the Americas, Hitachi Construction Machinery provides world class technology
  • The joint venture conducts local production, and Deere & Company*, which has a strong local footing, conducts marketing
  • In North America, engage in manufacture and sales at our joint venture with Deere & Company, Deere-Hitachi Construction Machinery Corporation
  • In 2011, established a joint venture in Brazil with Deere & Company for full-scale expansion at Central and South America, where the growing demand is expected
* Deere & Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery, selling such farm machines as the John Deere brand of tractors.

In Russia

  • Launch local manufacturing plant in Russia, the world‘s largest resource-rich country, and commence production in 2013
  • Secure a strong market position for hydraulic excavators

In Africa

  • Capture the growing demand for mining machinery by utilizing the sales and service network covering the whole of Africa
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