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Does it Look Like a Dinosaur? Fork Bucket (Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra)


The bucket attachment with fork developed by Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra not only handles traditional digging operations but also can “nibble” and “crush” objects. Machinery equipped with this fork bucket is employed for a wide range of uses, including digging, dismantling, and forest road construction and maintenance.

Doesn’t the bucket attachment look like the head of a dinosaur? Some customers have told us the movements of the bucket attachment during nibbling and dismantling operations resembles a Tyrannosaurus rex opening and closing his mouth.

Taking new ideas from and imitating models, systems, and elements of nature is called biomimicry. Cherishing and getting to know the ecosystem are the gateway to biomimicry.

∗Biomimicry: The study of the mechanisms of nature and its living creatures and the imitation of their design and processes (or inspiration for innovation). Examples of this include the pantograph used in the Shinkansen bullet train, which was designed based on hints taken from the wings of an owl, and cloth that emulates butterfly scales.

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A dinosaur’s head?!! An excavator bucket with fork

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