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Global Expansion of “ConSite® Parts Web Shop” Starting in October

Strengthening the parts and service business

Tokyo, Japan October 24, 2019 —- Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (TSE: 6305; “Hitachi Construction Machinery”) today announced that the company developed the “ConSite® Parts Web Shop” and will begin sequentially deploying the system throughout the world in October. Following the systems advance release in Japan in mid-September, the system will enable dealers to purchase genuine parts for Hitachi Construction Machinery products over the Internet at any time and from any location.

Screen image from the “ConSite® Parts Web Shop”

Hitachi Construction Machinery has been promoting the “CONNECT TOGETHER 2019” Mid-term Management Plan, which is now in its third and final year in FY 2019. Parts and service, used machinery, rental, and other businesses, which are not affected by the intense, global demand fluctuations of new machinery sales, have been positioned as the value chain to expand the businesses and stabilize the management foundation.

As part of previous efforts to expand the parts and service business within the value chain business, Hitachi Construction Machinery has provided the “ConSite® ” service solution since 2013 to remotely monitor the operational status of construction machinery, detect signs of failures, and deliver data reports to customers. To further expand the parts and service business, Hitachi Construction Machinery redesigned the existing parts ordering system operated within the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group to develop and deploy the “ConSite® Parts Web Shop” with a broader user base that includes dealers. As a result, dealers will be able to purchase genuine parts for Hitachi Construction Machinery products through the system at any time and from any location.

After confirming which parts are required at customer work sites, dealers will be able to quickly determine the inventory status, pricing, etc. of genuine parts through the “ConSite® Parts Web Shop” without contacting the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group as they needed to do in the past. Furthermore, the new system will enable dealers to create and propose estimates to customers on the spot using smartphones and tablets, which will lead to improved operational efficiency in parts sales. In addition to preventing failures in advance with ConSite®, customers will also benefit from the reduction in the number of days required to replace parts due to the ability to promptly receive an estimate for the genuine parts that are required. This will enable the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group to increase the number of opportunities to provide customers with the genuine parts service and strengthen the parts and service business.

Hitachi Construction Machinery now plans to globally extend coverage to include dealers in Southeast Asia, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), African region, and other areas. The system was initially released to a subset of customers in Japan but going forward it will be made available throughout the world with the goal of allowing customers to determine the inventory status, pricing, etc. of genuine parts for ordering at any time and from any location.

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group will help solve the customer issue of “reducing lifecycle costs” by providing more suitable services and parts with the introduction of the “ConSite® Parts Web Shop.”

Main features of the ``ConSite® Parts Web Shop``

  1. Available from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices
    Because the system is available from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, the service personnel and mechanics can determine pricing and inventory quantities of genuine parts as well as the approximate time required for parts replacement to create an estimate for the customer at their work sites.

  2. Displays other “highly recommended” parts that often need to be replaced at the same time
    The system displays parts which are recommended for replacement based on the results of big data analysis of parts that were actually used when repairs were performed by overseas authorized dealers and Hitachi Construction Machinery that manages sales, service, and rental operations within Japan.
    When a particular part is selected on the screen, users can view at a glance the parts that professional mechanics recommend be replaced at the same time. Preventing the omission in selecting parts and carrying out simultaneous repairs make it easy for Hitachi Construction Machinery to offer proposals that control repair costs and provide the right parts and service.

  3. Available without any additional fees
    The “ConSite® Parts Web Shop” can be used by dealers that already use ConSite® without any additional fees.

Trademark notice
・”ConSite” is a registered trademark of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Information contained in this news release is current as of the date of the press announcement, but may be subject to change without prior notice.

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