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Scrap Handling Machine - Twin Scrap Handlers for Various Jobs, Indoors and Outal Handling

Douou Engineering is a Hokkaido-based company. Its business includes demolition, industrial waste treatment, scrap handling, and automobile wrecking. With the introduction of the scrap shear, the company was able to start iron waste recycling too. Douou Engineering has a consistent business goal – “Recycling of all resources”, to play an important role in environmental preservation.

Customer Needs

Until recently, Douou Engineering had used EX200-5 hydraulic excavators fitted with grapples for loading and carrying scrap at their yard. To expand the scrap handling capacity, the customer recently introduced a German-made full-scale guillotine scrap shear, and planned to use a full-rotation fork grapple and a rotary lifting magnet to team up with the new scrap shear.

Product Features

  • Rotary lifting magnet and full-rotation fork grapple attached to the experienced Zaxis330LC
  • 1,500 mm diameter rotary lifting magnet can handle large steel duckboards
  • Full-rotation round type fork grapple also can used to automobile wrecking
  • 2-link type high cab allows operator good visibility
  • Transportable special front with over 15 m working reach and 12 m working height



Customer Comments

With the good visibility from 2-link type high cab, the fork grapple can dump scrap into the scrap shear efficiently and safely. This boosts job efficiency and productivity. The rotary lifting magnet is used to handle scrap indoors and out. With its long working reach, job efficiency is greatly increased, because there is no need to move equipment frequently. This lifting magnet can also handle duckboards with ease. The customer is satisfied with added productivity and profitability.

Customer Profile

Company Name: Douou Engineering
Industry: Scrap Handling
Location: Hokkaido, Japan
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