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Metal Recycling Equipment

Construction activities generate a huge number of by-products, including leftover concrete, metal, asphalt, soil, and timber. We believe that, instead of disposing of such by-products as “waste,” it is essential to reuse them as valuable resource materials. In order to assist you with this kind of recycling, Hitachi has developed a broad range of equipment, attachments and systems for material handling.

As the leading manufacturer of recycling equipment in Japan, we are known for our variety and quality. Our material handling equipment & attachments include giant shears, bucket crushers, pulverizers and other crushers that break down concrete into dirt, stone, and metal. After separating the metal for recycling, the rest of the crushed debris can be used for roads and concrete. Japan is a small country with relatively few waste disposal sites. Considering that it also has few natural resources, it is no wonder that the recycling systems here are so advanced. Having developed our equipment & attachments in this competitive recycling market, Hitachi has the experience and engineering to get the job done.

Hitachi’s commitment to becoming a company offering total solutions includes its diverse efforts to promote coexistence and harmony with the natural environment. Our recycling equipment & attachments are developed for quality and durability, and you can be sure that it will last and last.

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