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Rigid Dump Trucks

Hitachi’s rigid dump trucks are productive off-road vehicles that are a suitable complement to our hydraulic excavators. A number of unique features such as Aerial Angle and Hitachi Drive Control System make them highly reliable in a variety of major operations.

Trolley Trucks

Electric Drive Enables Lower Diesel Fuel Consumption Trolley System (Optional) in comparison with Diesel mode.
As the product line up, EH3500AC-3 with Trolley,EH4000AC-3 with Trolley and EH5000AC-3 with Trolley are available.

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90% means trolley line only. If the price of fuel increases, the total cost will not decrease even if the fuel consumption is reduced.

Line Up of Products

3 models of trucks(EH3500AC-3, EH4000AC-3 and EH5000AC-3) are designed to meet mining & construction needs according to load-size.

Rigid Dump Trucks

AC Drive Proven Performance & Economic Advantages

Hitachi engineered AC drives make your hauler a more valuable asset in your mining operation. Better performance, higher availability, and higher reductions in maintenance and operating costs – result in a lower cost per tonne and a higher return on your investment in comparison with mechanical trucks.

High-Powered Engine

Strong, reliable power is provided by the Cummins QSKTTA60-CE, QSKTA60-CE and QSKTA50-CE engines. These (U.S. Tier 2 emission certified) engines maintain a low fuel consumption level. MTU Engines (12V4000 series and 16V4000 series) are selectable.

Long Life of Frame

A fabricated box section and rectangular frame rail construction provides the resistance to bending and torsional loads. One-piece top and bottom flanges eliminate cross member tie-in joints and provide a larger exposed center area for access to major components.
The new “bolt-on” High Arch Design requires less assembling time and no welding. The design provides higher structural quality and better serviceability during engine overhaul.

Tough Body

The Hitachi horizontal stiffener design minimizes stress concentrations by dissipating load shocks over the entire body length. Efficiently spaced stiffeners provide additional protection by minimizing distances between unsupported areas.

Aerial Angle

The dump truck Aerial Angle system is designed to assist in preventing collisions with obstacles. The dump truck Aerial Angle has two modes.
Stationary Mode detects any obstacles within the vicinity when the machine is stationary during dumping, loading, or when it is parked.
Forward Mode warns the operator of the possibility of collisions during travel.

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