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3D design data/Calculation of earthwork volumes

3D data conversion of design and refinement of soil volume calculation

  • Design books are converted to 3D data (plan view, longitudinal, cross-sectional).
  • Data sent to construction machinery is converted based on 3D design data.
  • The amount of construction (cut and embankment) is calculated from the difference between 3D present condition data and 3D design data.

3D design data creation process

1 Create 3D design data

Required information from design books (plan view, longitudinal, cross-sectional) is entered into 3D design data creation software. Create 3D form data of construction target

2 Conversion to surface data

Using 3D design data creation software, supplement 3D form data with element data (section added), and convert to TIN data. This becomes the 3D design data for calculation of earthwork volume and completed work management.

3 Conversion to data sent to construction machinery

Using the construction transfer data conversion software, convert the 3D design data into a format that can be installed in the ICT construction machine.

Process for calculation of earthwork volumes

1 Comparison of 3D state data and 3D design data

The 3D design data created is superimposed on 3D state data acquired from the UAV and laser scanner.

* Software used may differ depending on the region. Screen shows one example.

2 Visualization of earthwork volume

The overlapped difference is calculated by a predetermined calculation method (selection formula), and the embankment amount / cutting amount can be ascertained.

3D point cloud data
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