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Preliminary Surveying

UAV Surveying

Surveying a wide area can be accomplished in a short time

  • Establish evaluation points and verification points using anti-aircraft signs.
  • Automatically navigate along the flight route entered in a tablet etc.
  • A digital camera is mounted on the UAV.

Merits of UAV Surveying

A wide range of surveying is possible in a short time

Low cost compared to manned aircraft

Areas difficult to access can be photographed easily

Possible to photograph at low altitude / close proximity, which is difficult with manned aircraft

Process of UAV Surveying


Operation planning

Make provisions to ensure operations do not exceed the error range of 3D point cloud data, which is the result of UAV surveying.


Establishment of control and verification points

Establish necessary control points to convert measurement results to a site coordinate system. Match the points on the photograph with the coordinates on the ground.


Flight Plan creation

Plan the altitudes and routes necessary to obtain the predetermined measurement accuracy.



In principle, photography is carried out by way of automated flight in accordance with previously entered programs and GPS, sensors, etc., in weather conditions suitable for photography.

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