Hitachi Construction Machinery


Engaging with the PRTR Act

We are aware of the hazardous waste from chemical substances emitted into the environment that are controlled under the PRTR Act, and we continue to make progress in management and reduction.
For the control of chemical substances, we use the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of the purchased product as a basis for keeping track of the purchase volume and emission levels in our chemical substances management system. In terms of reduction, we drive initiatives such as green procurement and switching to alternative materials. We are also active in self-regulation based on the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR’s: Japanese law), and we manage, monitor and report the emission*1 and transfer*2 of chemical substances.

In FY2020, the amount handled decreased due to production decrease. The atmospheric emission decreased to 47%, and the amount of substances subject to the PRTR Law (hazardous waste) handled was 851t.

*1 Substances emitted: total amount of substances released into the air, into the public water supply, and into the soil at or buried on the premises.
*2 Substances transferred: total amount of substances released into the sewerage system and moved off the premises

Total Scope: All domestic production bases subject to the PRTR Act and subject to consolidation

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