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Raw material Procurement

In order to lower environmental impact across the supply chain, Hitachi Construction Machinery Group has been advancing green procurement through a policy of putting priority on products and services from companies that are proactive in promoting environmental initiatives.
Total weight of raw materials for the past three years is 318,000t in FY2018, 115,700t in FY2019 and 297,900t in FY2020.

Classification Type Itemization Renewability Weight
Proportion of Materials / Raw Materials Suppliers
Metal Iron (incl. steel plates) Raw material Possible 263.6 88.5% External suppliers
Others Raw material Possible 3.1 1.0% External suppliers
Non-Metal Plastics (Thermosetting) Raw material Possible 0 0% External suppliers
Rubber Raw material Possible 0 0% External suppliers
Machine oil etc Semiprocessed goods Possible 2.8 0.9% External suppliers
Others Raw material Possible 28.5 9.6% External suppliers
Total 298

The percentage of recycled materials used for production of major products is 26.8%.

Green Procurement

Hitachi Construction Machinery Group requests the support and endorsement of all suppliers for Hitachi Construction Machinery’s environmental vision, and asks for cooperation in the following items in accordance with the “Hitachi Group Green Procurement Guidelines” and “Hitachi Group CSR Procurement Guideline.”

  1. Items concerning the environmental conservation initiatives of suppliers
  2. Items concerning the reduction of the environmental footprint of goods for supply
  3. Items concerning management of information regarding chemical substances contained in goods for supply

Hitachi Construction Machinery Group is focusing on the reduction of paper usage in green procurement and is making efforts to lace the highest priority on promoting paperless initiatives, encouraging greater use of double-sided and more intensive printing methods *1 using recycled paper when use of paper is essential, and is working in the introduction of scheduled printing methods *2. In FY2020, green purchasing of recycled paper accounted for approximately 86% of the OA paper used in Hitachi Construction Machinery offices.

∗1 Printing multiple pages on single paper sheets
∗2 A method in which data is saved in the printer without being immediately output onto paper media. When required, the user’s finger authentication is performed on the printer side, and printing is carried out.
In this method it is possible to further prevent unnecessary paper output as printing mistakes can be canceled at the time using finger authentication.


Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra, agrees with the general purport of the Shiga Green Purchasing Network (Shiga GPN*) and actively promote green purchasing as a member.

∗ Shiga GPN was established as a voluntary association in 1999 by 242 organizations such as companies, administrative agencies, and various organizations that agree to promote green purchasing within Shiga prefecture. After incorporation as a general incorporated foundation in 2013, we have promoted a wide range of environmental load reduction activities that go beyond the green purchasing activities with the ‘Activities to create “Green Economy” from Shiga’ as the activity vision.

Supplier Environmental Assessment

Hitachi Construction Machinery confirms ISO 14001 acquisition status when forming new contracts with suppliers, and new companies are selected from among those satisfying 100% of environmental standards.

Contracts will be canceled for suppliers identified as having a significant negative environmental impact (explicit, potential), however no contracts were canceled in FY2020.

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