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Development of Enviromentally Conscious Products

Environmentally Conscious Products

At Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, we are focusing on the development of clean technologies from the perspective of energy-saving, low-carbon and decarbonization, and are also further promoting the development of “environmentally conscious products” that help to reduce environmental impact from the product development and design stages.
Based on this approach, in FY1999, Hitachi Construction Machinery Group introduced evaluation using Design for Environment (DfE) Assessment specifying standards for development and design with consideration for the environment. At present, products developed and designed based on a new Environmentally Conscious Design Assessments compliant with the IEC62430*1 global standard are treated as “environmentally conscious products” and we are working with the aim of increasing the “environmentally conscious product sales ratio” which is the percentage of sales revenue accounted for by environmentally conscious products.

This assessment also conducts life cycle assessment (LCA) of the environmental impact of products, and quantitatively calculates not only amount of energy use and CO2 emissions related to materials, production, shipping, product use and disposal, also the amount of water use, fuel use, and materials use.

∗1: IEC 62430: International Electrotechnical Commission “Environmentally Conscious Design for Electrical and Electronic Products” (JIS C 9910)

Number of Environmentally Conscious Products (Cumulative)

The total number of products registered as environmentally conscious products reached 251 in FY2019 with the addition of 14 products developed and designed based on Environmentally Conscious Design Assessments.

Number of Products Registered as Environmentally Coscious Products (Cumulative)

Environmentally Conscious Product Sales Ratio

Hitachi Construction Machinery Group has proceeded to develop and design products conscious of the environment. At present, most major models are environmentally conscious products. In FY2018, Hitachi Construction Machinery Group achieved an environmentally conscious product sales ratio of over 98% sales ratio in relation to all sales (excluding some services, used equipment and software), and we are maintaining this level in FY2019 onwards.

Environmentally Conscious Product Sales Ratio

Total Range : Hitachi Construction Machinery Group

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