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Japan has been active in forest management in order to achieve a reduction of 3.8% compared to 1990, and fulfill its COP3 commitments. Tree thinning and managing the forest will promote the growth of trees. Managing the forest properly is a condition of CO2 fixation in forests that are approved by the United Nations.
Tree thinning does not reduce the total amount of trees, but its purpose is to promote the growth of trees and increase the fixation of CO2. Tree thinning has the following effects:

(1) Increase in CO2 absorption by trees after tree thinning (contribution to global warming prevention)
(2) Contribution to a carbon neutrality for trees subjected to tree thinning

At HCM Group, in order to make the work more efficient with less human resources for customers, our lineup of high-performance forestry machinery is enhanced. Forestry machines are applicable to the carbon offset program.

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