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Hybrid Construction Machinery

90% or more of the CO2 emissions are from hydraulic excavator products over their lifetime, from the materials stage through manufacturing, transport, use, to disposal are produced from fuel consumption during use (operation). Lowering the fuel consumption has benefits for both the global environment and saving customers’ fuel costs. The HCM hybrid system reduces fuel consumption by storing the energy generated during swing deceleration in a capacitor as electrical energy, which is then put to effective use by the swing electric motor to drive swing. ZH 200-6 hybrid hydraulic excavator adopts the “TRIAS-HX II system” which is an advanced combination of a new hybrid engine and the latest hydraulic system.

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Main Features

1. Achieving Fuel Efficiency

We have rethought the hybrid mechanism for the ZH200-5B, and achieved reductions in fuel consumption of approximately 15% against the existing model (ZH200-A). Comparisons with the standard model (ZX200-5B) also show fuel reductions of approximately 15%, or 30% when compared with the P mode of existing model ZX200-3. (Figures based on HCM measurement methods)

2. Emissions Control Designation Status

Apart from the Japan off-road vehicle exhaust emission regulation 2011 standards, this model is also compliant with European (Stage ⅢB) and North American (Interim Tier 4) standards. The CO2 reductions achieved through realizing fuel efficiency mean that we comply with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism standards for low-carbon type construction machinery.

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