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'Super low noise on-board type rollers' V-registered at NETIS as Post-evaluation Technology

The super low noise on-board type rollers have been registered as post-evaluation technology (V-registration)*2 by NETIS*1, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

The evaluation outlines that ‘the noise has been reduced, and signs and warning sounds from the operator and from outside can be heard clearly to nearby workers, thus improving the level of safety’.

Technical Name: Super low noise on-board type rollers
Registration number: TH-100028-V (registered 20 November 2012)

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On-board type roller product lineup


*1 NETIS: New Technology Information System

A database system for sharing and providing information regarding new technologies, for the utilization of new technologies by the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport. NETIS is run by the intranet and internet of the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport.

*2 Post-evaluation technology (V-registration)

Once new technologies are registered in NETIS, the V-registration is given to technologies that are approved of a certain level of effectiveness through the new technology evaluation meeting comprising of experts based on the submitted effectiveness survey.

Zero-Tail Mini Excavators ZX U-5 series

Low fuel consumption*1 and low noise*2 are achieved with the new engine with electronic control technology and improvements to the hydraulic system. Two operation modes are provided: eco-mode for fuel-efficiency and power-mode for prioritizing output. Both modes achieve lower fuel consumption than the previous model (ZX U-3 Series). In addition, an auto-shut-down function, which contributes to preventing global warming and noise reduction is provided (optional).

*1 Compare to ZX U-3 with our measuring method.

e.g. Fuel consumption was dropped by 18% on ZX 40U-5A

*2 Assigned as ‘Super low noise on-board type construction machine’ by the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport.

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