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Building Environmental Management System

At HCM Group we have been active in promoting the development of an environmental management system as the architecture for our environmental conservation activities. After acquiring ISO14001 certification for the Tsuchiura Works in 1997, we have gone on to expand the scope out to newly established works.In 2012 we integrated the environmental management systems for the Head Office Sections and Works Sections. We are also making progress with configuring the environmental management system for our group companies in Japan and overseas in order to raise the level of our environmental conservation activities.

Environmental Management System Certification Status

HCM Group is promoting the acquisition and maintenance of ISO 14001 facilities and other EMS (Environmental Managing Systems) with a focus on production group companies that account for over 95% of the environmental impact.
In FY2019, these was an increase and a decrease in the number of our group companies, and 93% of production companies attained ISO 14001 certification including simple version of EMS.

As at March, 2020

No. of companies eligible for ISO attainment Out of these, no. of companies which attained ISO certification Certification attainment rate
Production company 14 11

* Simple version of EMS: Eco Action 21

Status of ISO14001 certification attainment for production locations eligible for consolidation
Company Name Acquisition Date Integration Period
Japan Hitachi Construction Machinery
Co., Ltd.
Tsuchiura Works, Kasumigaura Works, Hitachinaka Works, Hitachinaka-Rinko Works, Kasumigaura Institute, Technical Training Center, Tsukuba Parts Center After November 1997 application expanded September 2020
Ryugasaki Works September 2020 application expanded
Banshu Works September 2020 application expanded
Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd. Shiga Factory November 2002
Osaka Factory November 2014
Hitachi Construction Machinery Camino Co., Ltd. Yamagata Factory February 2006 February 2012
Tadakiko Co., Ltd. November 2006
Overseas Hitachi Construction Machinery
(Europe) N.V.(HCME)
Amsterdam Works May 2005 February 2010
Mini works and AC works February 2010
application expanded
P.T.Hitachi Construction Cibitung Plant July 2001
Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. (HCMC) October 2001
Hefei Rijian Shearing Co., Ltd. (HRS) December 2009
Hitachi Construction Machinery Truck Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (HTM) November 2007
Tata Hitachi Construction
Machinery Company Private Limited
Dharwad Works June 2007
Kharagpur Works December 2015
BRADKEN, INC. December 2014
Bradken (Xuzhou) Metal Equipment Manufacturing Co. Limited December 2015
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