Cairo Metro Line 3 – Phase III, Egypt / October 2019

Telescopic Arm ZX330LC-5G 30m

“We are very satisfied about the performance of the two telescopic excavators and even more about the production they are making. They really outstand other brands alternatives and the results they are giving are amazing.” Mr. Julien Sublet, JV L3-Ph3 Workshop Manager

Photos showing operation of telescopic arm ZX330LC-5G 30m. *Operation is carried out with the door open specifically for photo shooting purposes. Operator looking underground through the window on the cab floor. A window in the floor of the cab gives a better view of the site below.

Sand Mud

Operating Hours per day

20 hrs

Production figurese:

75,000 m³ since the beginning

Bucket type:

1.5 m³ clamshell bucket

Other Hitachi machines: Excavators and Wheel Loaders

4 × ZX70-5G, 2 × ZX350H, 2 × ZX330LC-5G, 1 × ZX140W-3F, 2 × ZW140, 7 × ZW220-5A, 3 × ZW 310

NO. of employee: