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About the EX2000-7

The EX2000-7 has been built to withstand the harshest mining conditions while delivering outstanding productivity and exceptional around-the-clock performance. Owners benefit from exceptional fuel efficiency, thanks to energy-efficient features including a new hydraulic circuit and work mode selection function.

Discover the benefits
  • Exceptional fuel efficiency.
  • Reduced life-cycle costs and less environmental impact.
  • Integrated remote operation system, operation support system and autonomous operation function.

Specifications for the EX2000-7 Excavator

Espandi tutto Comprimi tutto
  • Motore e sistema idraulico
Modello Cummins QST30-C Tier 4 Final
Potenza nominale ISO 14396 746 kW (1 000 HP) at 1 800 min-1 (rpm)
Cilindrata del pistone 30.5 L
Pompe principali 6 variable-displacement, axial piston pumps for front attachment, travel and swing
Impostazione della pressione 29.4 MPa (300 kgf/cm2)
Portata massima dell’olio 6 X 335 L/min
  • Allegati
Caricamento della pala ISO 7546 accumulato 2 12.0 m3 : Material density
Caricamento della pala ISO 7546 accumulato 2 1,800 kg/m3 or less
Backhoe ISO 7451 2007 12.0 m3 : Material density
Backhoe ISO 7451 2007 1 800 kg/m3 or less
  • Peso operativo e pressione al suolo (Caricamento della pala)
Tipo di pattini Loading Shovel
Larghezza 800 mm
Peso operativo 194 000 kg
Pressione al suolo 187 kPa (1.90 kgf/cm3 )
  • Peso operativo e pressione al suolo (Backhoe)
Tipo di pattini Backhoe
Larghezza 800 mm
Peso operativo 195 000 kg
Pressione al suolo 188 kPa (1.91 kgf/cm3)
  • Raggi operative
Lunghezza braccio di penetrazione 8.3 m
Sbraccio max. 13 490 mm
Max. profondità di scavo 4 380 mm
Max. altezza di scarico 10 160 mm
  • Lunghezza sottocarro
Larghezza sottocarro 5 620 mm
Larghezza complessiva torretta 7 265 mm
Altezza complessiva cabina 6 990 mm
  • Specifiche
Potenza nominale del motore (kW) 746 kW (1 000 HP)
Peso operativo (kg) 192 000 - 193 000 kg
Benne ISO a colmo 12.0 m³
Max. profondità di scavo (mm) 4 380 mm

Try before you buy with Hitachi Premium Rental

You can rent a wide range of Hitachi excavators and wheel loaders direct from Hitachi via our dealer network. Hitachi Premium Rental machines can be hired by the month and for periods up to one year. This gives you the high levels of reliability, quality and service you would expect from Hitachi, and greater flexibility to meet the varying demands of your business.

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It’s great to work with the people from Hitachi, because they have the same mentality as we do. They are solution-focused - that was the case 30 years ago, and it still is today.

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