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About the EX1200-7

The EX1200-7 is a unique excavator within the Hitachi range, adapting to many different operations. At its core lies clever and complex engineering; on the surface is a beautifully simple, operator-friendly machine. Designed for sustainability Hitachi’s latest energy optimising features provide a sustainable solution for the mining industry. The EX1200-7 includes electronically controlled hydraulic pumps, an optimized cooling package, enhanced hydraulic circuits, and a choice of emission configurations to meet regulatory requirements. The result is an environmentally conscious machine that doesn’t compromise on performance.

Discover the benefits
  • Exceptional fuel efficiency.
  • Reduced life-cycle costs and less environmental impact.
  • Integrated remote operation system, operation support system and autonomous operation function.

Specifications for the EX1200-7 Excavator

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  • Motor und hydrauliksystem
Modell Cummins QSK23-C
Nennleistung ISO 14396 567.0 kW (760 HP)
Hubraum 23.15 L
Hauptpumpen 3 variable-displacement, swash plate type axial piston pumps
Maximum oil flow 6 X 335 L/min
  • Anhänge
Eimerkapazität (ISO gehäuft) 5.9 m3 : Material density 10 000 kg/m3 or less
Eimerkapazität (ISO gehäuft) 6.5 m3 : Material density 1 800 kg/m3 or less
Eimerkapazität (ISO gehäuft) 5.2 m3 : Material density 1 800 kg/m3 or less
Eimerkapazität (ISO gehäuft) 7.0 m3 : Material density 1 800 kg/m3 or less
  • Stiel-Reißkraft* ISO (Schaufel laden)
Bodenplattentyp Loading Shovel
Bodenplattenbreite 800 mm
Betriebsgewicht 194 000 kg
Bodendruck 187 kPa (1.90 kgf/cm3 )
  • Stiel-Reißkraft* ISO (Bagger)
Bodenplattentyp Backhoe
Bodenplattenbreite 700 mm
Betriebsgewicht 115 000 kg
Bodendruck 145 kPa (1.91 kgf/cm3)
  • Arbeitsbereiche
Max. Grabenkraft 9k 13 490 mm
Max. Schütthöhe 8 750 mm
Max. Grabtiefe 7 960 - 9 260 mm
  • Unterwagenlänge
Unterwagenbreite 6 500 mm
Gesamtbreite des Oberwagens 5 410 mm
  • Spezifikationen
Motornennleistung (kW) 567.0 kW (760 HP)
Betriebsgewicht (kg) 117 000 kg
Tieflöffel (ISO gehäuft) 7.00 m³
Max. Grabtiefe (mm) 7 960 - 9 260 mm

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You can rent a wide range of Hitachi excavators and wheel loaders direct from Hitachi via our dealer network. Hitachi Premium Rental machines can be hired by the month and for periods up to one year. This gives you the high levels of reliability, quality and service you would expect from Hitachi, and greater flexibility to meet the varying demands of your business.

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André Molenaar A. Molenaar zand en grond B.V.
It’s great to work with the people from Hitachi, because they have the same mentality as we do. They are solution-focused - that was the case 30 years ago, and it still is today.

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