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About the ZX890-7

The durable ZX890-7 large excavator has been built to perform reliably, all day and every day, often in remote and challenging conditions. It has been tested rigorously and continuously with the goal of significantly boosting uptime in busy mines and quarries. The ZX890LCR-7 model is built with reinforced parts that are ideal for the digging and loading of heavy materials.

Discover the benefits
  • Up to 20% reduced fuel consumption compared to previous models.
  • Enhanced efficiency due to Hitachi’s industry-leading hydraulic system, HIOS V.
  • Higher productivity thanks to improved front speed and increased engine output.
  • Reduced noise and low vibration levels in the cab provide a more comfortable working environment.

Specifications for the ZX890-7 Excavator

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  • Motor und hydrauliksystem
Modell Isuzu 6WG1
Emissionen EU Stage V
Typ 4-cycle water-cooled, common rail direct injection
Ansaugung Variable geometry turbocharged, intercooled, cooled EGR
Nachbehandlung DOC, CSF and SCR system
Anzahl Zylinder 6
Hubraum 15.681 L
Nennleistung ISO 14396 382 kW at 1 800 min-1
Maximales Drehmoment 2 250 Nm at 1 300 min-1
Hauptpumpen 2 variable displacement axial piston pumps
Maximum oil flow 2 x 556 L/min
Vorsteuerpumpe 1 gear pump
Maximaler Ölfluss Vorsteuerpumpe 50 L/min
  • Grabkraft löffel und stiel
Löffel-Losbrechkraft ISO 402 / 472 kN
Stiel-Reißkraft* ISO 324 / 394 kN
  • Stiel-Reißkraft* ISO
Bodenplattentyp double grouser
Bodenplattenbreite 650 / 900 mm
Betriebsgewicht 85 100 - 87 500 kg
Bodendruck 85 - 118 kPA
  • Arbeitsbereiche
Stiellänge 2.95 - 3.7 m
Max. Reichweite 12 340 - 14 100 mm
Max. Grabtiefe 7 140 - 8 870 mm
Max. Schütthöhe 8 130 - 9 080 mm
  • Unterwagenlänge
Länge des Unterwagens 6 360 mm
Unterwagenbreite (erweitert) 4 100 / 4 200 / 5350 mm
Unterwagenbreite (zurückgezogen) 3 480 / 3 580 / 3 730 mm
Gesamtbreite des Oberwagens 4 120 mm
Gesamthöhe über Kabine 3 800 mm
Gesamtbreite 4 450 mm
  • Spezifikationen
Motornennleistung (kW) 382 kW (ISO14396)
Betriebsgewicht (kg) 84 600 - 87 500 kg
Tieflöffel (ISO gehäuft) 3.5 - 5.0 m3
Max. Grabtiefe (mm) 7 140 - 8 870 mm
Löffel-Losbrechkraft ISO (kN) 402 / 472 kN
Attachments enhance the performance of your ZX890-7
  • Durable hydraulic breakers, buckets and ground engaging tools will increase your profit by maximising productivity and uptime.
  • Choose from a wide range of Hitachi buckets to suit the application. Quick coupler connections are also available.
  • Hitachi-approved breakers are easy to maintain, user-friendly, and high-quality materials ensure a long lifetime.
  • Hitachi ground engaging tools (GET) fit precisely to your attachments, and are quick and safe to install and replace.

Try before you buy with Hitachi Premium Rental

You can rent a wide range of Hitachi excavators and wheel loaders direct from Hitachi via our dealer network. Hitachi Premium Rental machines can be hired by the month and for periods up to one year. This gives you the high levels of reliability, quality and service you would expect from Hitachi, and greater flexibility to meet the varying demands of your business.

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