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Mission and Vision Statement

We represent leading global manufacturers of construction and mining equipment We aim to satisfy our customers’ needs through guaranteeing efficiency and quality in all aspects of our business activities We help our customers to perform their job more safely, ecologically and productively, thus contributing in creating better places for people to live in We can continue to exist only because we are better at performing and improving our processes than anybody else We require our profit to grow steadily for satisfying all our stakeholders who supply us with various resources

Message from HMEC President

Dear valuable customers Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) is one of the leading construction and Mining equipment manufacturers in the world. While COVID-19 is converging, energy and grain prices and logistics costs are soaring, the supply chain is disrupted by the invasion of Ukraine, the Turkish Syrian earthquake, and the global economy is unstable in a way that no one could have predicted. On the other hand, in the Middle East, the acceleration of Giga-Projects such as Saudi Arabia’s NEOM, the improvement of relations between Middle Eastern countries and bright signs of regional stability. In East Africa, resource development is gaining momentum. Under these circumstances, I have moved in April 2020 and met with many dealers and customers at exhibition, jobsite, and office. While I really feel high expectations for Hitachi, we have started to supply products not only from Japan but also from our other factories in India, Indonesia, and China to meet the strong demand and then many customers experienced “Made by Hitachi” which is carefully monitored by quality control to meet with the highest standards as required and expected. In addition, we install solar panels on our warehouse, promote carbon offsetting for SDGs to contribute to society and the future environment. And remanufactured second-hand business has also been launched, extending the lifetime of machinery, reducing the volume of waste as well. Finally, we evolve as a premium brand, ensuring customer loyalty by providing high-quality, technologies, product and services that exceed customer expectations with Hitachi dealers. We are at your service. Manabu Arami President of Hitachi Construction Machinery Middle East Corporation FZE (HMEC).

Manabu Arami - HMEC President