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Fleet Management Systems

Wenco offers two fleet management solutions that provide core tools for production monitoring, equipment control, and reporting: Wencomine Fleet Management System Wencolite Fleet Management System for Small Mines and Quarries

Wenco machine guidance adds high-precision GPS control to shovels, dozers, loaders, scrapers, graders, and light vehicles. Systems are available standalone or integrated with Wencomine. BenchManager Integrated High-Precision Machine Guidance System Wencolite High-Precision Standalone High-Precision Machine Guidance System Drill Navigation Standalone High-Precision Drill System Arm Geometry System Ultrafine Positioning for Hydraulic Shovels

Wenco’s automated dispatching handles truck assignments for loading, dumping, fueling, and tie-downs. Dynamic Dispatch Intelligent Haul Cycle Dispatching Service Fuel Dispatch Automated Fueling Service Activity Dispatch Tie-Down Dispatching Service

These tools use GPS to guide trucks through the mine and alert operators when they approach hazardous areas or equipment. PitNav Turn-by-Turn Navigation System Fleet Awareness Location Tracking System Fleet Awareness V2X Collision Avoidance System Asset Tracking Fixed Asset Positioning System

These tools use Wenco data to turn maintenance programs proactive, using downtime tracking and condition monitoring systems. Maintenance Monitor Downtime Tracking System TireMax Tire Management System Readyline Asset Health Management System

These solutions extend the power of Wenco beyond the pit and into the office to provide fact-based decisions that drive ROI. Avoca Mining Intelligence Suite Wenco Learning Online Training Program Performance Auditing Solution Optimization Consulting