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Cairo Metro Line 3 – Phase III, Egypt / October 2019

Telescopic Arm ZX330LC-5G 30m

Increasing spoil removal efficiency is the key to project advancement. The telescopic arm machines operate approximately 20 hours per day, and have already moved a total of approximately 75,000m3 of spoil since the first unit was introduced in August 2018. Mr. Sublet commented, “We are very satisfied with the performance of the two telescopic excavators, especially their production output. They really outshine alternatives from other brands and the results are amazing.” Mr. Julien Sublet, JV L3-Ph3 Workshop Manager

El Nasr Mining Company, Egypt / February 2019

“We are very satisfied with the EX1200-6 Hitachi hydraulic excavator which greatly improved productivity compared to the competitors’ machines” Dr. Sherif Sousa, the Chairman of El Nasr Mining Company

Mombasa Cement, Kenya / May 2019

EX1900-6 Hydraulic Excavator and HSC SCX2800-2A crane

“Kenyan Dealer, Rock Plant is attached to our operation 24/7 that why we teamed up with them. Durable machines, reliable partnership and an unbeatable uptime and production” Mr. Hasmukh Patel, CEO of Mombasa Cement

Rock Fall Contracting & Trading W.L.L., Qatar / January 2017

A Trip to the “Earth Mover”

“Being in the earthmoving industry where time is of the essence, we are also happy with the excellent international aftersales support that the HITACHI brand delivers.” Mr. Shamas Gul CEO of Rock Fall Contracting & Trading W.L.L.

EH1700-3 Mining Turkey / Feb 2016

Combining performance with productivity

““The new Hitachi EH1700-3 Dump Trucks carry more material and consume less fuel when compared to the existing Euclid fleet. We are also very happy with the new features introduced by this product, especially the EDSC (Electronic Downhill Speed Control) System which controls the speed of the truck while going downhill.” Ahmet Gitmez, Manager, Nuh Çimento Sanayi AŞ

EX5600E- 6LD and EH3500AC-3 Mining Turkey / July, 2016

Delivering reliability and quality

“At the Orhaneli Coal Mine and Power Plant in Turkey, Hitachi’s mining products are in great demand for their capacity, quality, power and reliable performance.” “The reason we prefer to work with Hitachi machines is the capacity, quality, power and reliable performance of the machines. The new HITACHI EH3500AC-3 Dump Trucks, for instance, carries more material and consumes less fuel when compared to the existing fleet. We are also very happy with the performance of EX5600E-6LD. The hydraulic shovel is electric driven, hence no fuel consumption is required and it is cost effective. Mr. Ahmet Celik Director of Financial and Administrative Services