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Realiable Genuine PARTS

Below are the list of genuine parts product line up we can offer, select your choice.

Hitachi genuine hydraulic (46TP) oil is specially designed for use in our equipment. It will keep your equipment functioning at peak levels, will protect hydraulic components from wear, and will reduce your oil cost, thanks to its long life (4,000 hours*). Pack Size Parts Numbers 208L 4662413ID 20L 4662412ID *It subject to change due to working condition and environment. We designed our equipment, and that’s why we can develop the hydraulic oil that best matches it. Listed below are the features of Hitachi genuine hydraulic oil. Most Hitachi equipment comes with our genuine hydraulic oil when shipped from the factory. You should continue to use Hitachi genuine hydraulic oil to get maximum performance from your equipment, and also to reduce your hydraulic oil cost. * ISO: VG 46 * Superior sludge control * Superior resistance to heat * High Fuel Efficiency * High resistance to wear * Made from 100% virgin base oil

• Designed for Hitachi Engine Oil • JASO: DH1 Diesel Engine Oil specially designed for use in Cooled EGR type Hitachi Engine • Reduce sludge problem caused by high Sulfur Fuel • Protect engine from wear • SAE: 15W-40 • Applicable to engines requiring API: CI-4 • Made from 100% virgin base oil Pack Size Parts Number 208L YA00022664ID 20L YA00022663ID

• Specially designed fo use in Hitachi Equipment • Extreme pressure additive prevents welding & pitting at the contacting point of gears caused by heavy load • Package: 200L Drum, 20L Pail

• High quality lithium soap base grease specially designed for use in Hitachi equipment • Usage temperature range: -20C to 130C • Package: 180kg Drum, 16kg Pail

Hydraulic Filters

“Genuine Filter” One of the important issues to reduce operating and maintenance costs is to maintain cleanliness of the systems. Hitachi Genuine Filters are developed for Hitachi machines, providing superior cleanliness, elongating the component life.

High Pressure Hose

You can find lots of non-genuine hoses on the market, and they can fit our equipment – but do they have the same specifications as genuine hoses? The answer is: No. From our experience, we have found many cases of unexpected failures caused by using non-genuine hoses. We therefore decided to test genuine and non-genuine hoses to see how they are different.

Ground Engaging Tools

Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are important for protecting your blades, buckets, and ripper shanks. Hitachi provides you with the tools you need to ensure long life for your equipment.

Remanufacturing Components

Components that perform like new components, but priced lower, and with factory warranty – that’s what you get when you purchase Hitachi remanufacturing components.

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Featuring a new mechanism which increases both operability and ease of maintenance, the ZV-W Series delivers high functionality and high quality. Significant improvements in controllability Improved Maintainability Delivers both operability and safety


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Support chain

Hitachi takes pride in maintaining exceptionally high standards of design, manufacturing and quality control. Every machine is built to perform at the highest level and cope with the toughest working conditions. Hitachi Support Chain has been developed to ensure your machine continues to meet your expectations and protect your investment.