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About the EX5600-7
Designed for sustainability The Hitachi EX-7 series utilizes the latest advancements in engine and energy optimization technologies to deliver a customized and sustainable machine, while providing a significant reduction in fuel consumption without compromising productivity. The EX5600-7 offers a selection of engine models, including the choice of emission configurations to meet regulatory requirements, combined with new electronically controlled hydraulic pumps, optimized cooling package and enhanced hydraulic circuits, to provide unparalleled performance and efficiency. Designed for productivity Engineered from the ground up with advanced technologies to maximize productivity, the EX5600-7 delivers a reliable solution for all operations. Embracing the Hitachi design philosophy of balanced reliability and productivity, the EX5600-7 optimizes machine performance, providing a consistent and dependable solution to meet the demands of the mining industry.
Discover the benefits
  • Exceptional fuel efficiency.
  • Reduced life-cycle costs and less environmental impact.
  • Integrated remote operation system, operation support system and autonomous operation function.

Specifications for EX5600-7 Excavator

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  • Specifications
Engine Rated Power (kW) 1119 KW (1520 PS, 1500 HP)
Operating weight (kg) Loading Shovel: 541000 kg (1,192,701 lb.)
Operating weight (kg) Backhoe: 545000 kg (1,201,519 lb.)
Bucket capacity (m³) ISO Heaped Loading Shovel: ISO 7546 Heaped 2:1 :27.0 - 31.0 m3 (35.3 - 40.5 cu. yd.)
Bucket capacity (m³) ISO Heaped Backhoe: ISO 7451:2007 : 34.0 - 38.5 m3 (44.5 - 50.4 cu. yd.)

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