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About the ZX70-5G
7% Down Fuel Consumption* Hitachi fuel-saving technology is more evolved than ever. The electronically controlled engine can curb fuel consumption behind the electronic governor, clutch fan, and isochronous control, which is one of fuel-saving technologies that can automatically control engine rpm through the electronic governor. This can suppress wasteful engine speed increase when big output is not needed, leading to less fuel consumption. *Hitachi measurements in P mode under standard digging test conditions
Discover the benefits
  • 22% Up Engine Torque
  • The new engine is designed to increase its maximum torque to keep running without speed drop at high altitudes with thin air and in hot summer season. At its maximum torque, the speed is kept low to ensure stable performance even under heavy loads.

Specifications for ZX70-5G Excavator

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  • Specifications
Engine Rated Power (kW) 42.4 KW (56.9 HP)
Operating weight (kg) 6 650 - 6 950 kg
Backhoe Bucket ISO Heaped 0.13 - 0.33 m3

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