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About the ZW370-5A
2 Ways to Activate Power Mode Power mode can be activated by 2 ways and operators can choose either switch depending on the site required. A Quick Power Switch (QPS) Use the QPS on the lever when extra power is needed temporarily, such as climbing a steep slope. When switching forward/reverse or when the travel load reduces, the power mode selected via the QPS automatically reverts to the standard mode. By using the QPS, the power mode is activated only when needed and this helps to reduce fuel consumption. B Power Mode Switch Use the power mode switch when extra power is needed constantly, such as moving heavy materials like rocks, and getting the job done quickly. When the power mode is activated via the power mode switch, the mode will remain on until the engine is turned off.
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  • The “Active Engine Control System” plays a key role achieving economical operation. Strategically positioned sensors detect movements throughout the machine and adjust engine speed accordingly to eliminate energy losses to maximize fuel conservation. This delivers smooth, fuel-efficient operation.

Specifications for ZW370-5A Wheel Loader

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  • Specifications
Engine Rated Power (kW) 300 KW (402 HP)
Operating weight (kg) 31 750 - 32 570 kg
Backhoe Bucket ISO Heaped 4.8 - 8.5 m3

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