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About the ZX135US-7

You can work on a wider range of projects and boost your profits with the highly versatile ZX135US-7 medium excavator. Its short-tail swing radius is ideal for job sites where space is limited.

Discover the benefits
  • Up to 9% reduced fuel consumption compared to previous models.
  • Enhanced efficiency due to Hitachi’s industry-leading hydraulic system, HIOS V.
  • The Stage V-compliant engine does not require an SCR system, eliminating the need for urea, filter replacements and associated maintenance.
  • Improved comfort in the cab with integrated console and seat suspension, reduced noise and low vibration levels.

Specifications for the ZX135-7 Excavator

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  • Engine & hydraulic system
Engine Type 4-cycle water-cooled, common rail direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged, intercooled, cooled EGR
Aftertreatment DOC+CSF system
No. of cylinders 4
Rated power ISO 14396 74 kW at 2 000 min-1
Maximum torque 390 Nm at 1 700 min-1
Main pumps 2 variable displacement axial piston pumps
Maximum oil flow 2 x 117 L/min
Pilot pump 1 gear pump
Maximum oil flow pilot pump 33.6 L/min
  • Bucket and arm digging force
Bucket digging force ISO 104kN
Arm crowd force ISO 77kN
  • Operating weight and ground pressure
Shoe type Triple grouser
Shoe width 500 - 700 mm
Arm length 2.10 – 3.01m
Monoblock weight 14,300 – 14,800kg
Monoblock pressure 33-45 kPa
2-Piece weight 14,700 – 15,300kg
2-Piece pressure 34-46 kPa
  • Working ranges
Arm length 2.10 - 3.01 m
Max. digging reach 8 050 - 8 850 mm
Max. digging depth 5 070 - 5 980 mm
Max. dumping height 6 550 - 7 230 mm
  • Dimensions
Undercarriage length 3580 mm
Undercarriage width 2490 mm
Overall width of upper structure 2480 mm
Overall height of cab 2790 mm
  • Specifications
Engine Rated Power (kW) 74 kW (ISO14396)
Operating weight (kg) 14 100 - 16 300 kg
Backhoe Bucket ISO Heaped 0.19 - 0.66 m3
Max. digging depth (mm) 5 070 - 5 980 mm
Bucket digging force (kN) ISO 104kN
Attachments enhance the performance of your ZX135US-7
  • Durable hydraulic breakers, buckets and ground engaging tools will increase your profit by maximising productivity and uptime.
  • Choose from a wide range of Hitachi attachments to suit the application.
  • Hitachi-approved breakers are easy to maintain, user-friendly, and high-quality materials ensure a long lifetime.
  • Hitachi ground engaging tools (GET) fit precisely to your attachments, and are quick and safe to install and replace.

Try before you buy with Hitachi Premium Rental

You can rent a wide range of Hitachi excavators and wheel loaders direct from Hitachi via our dealer network. Hitachi Premium Rental machines can be hired by the month and for periods up to one year. This gives you the high levels of reliability, quality and service you would expect from Hitachi, and greater flexibility to meet the varying demands of your business.

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It’s great to work with the people from Hitachi, because they have the same mentality as we do. They are solution-focused - that was the case 30 years ago, and it still is today.

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