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Hitachi Construction Machinery excavator is the love of my life

Karoline says: “Hitachi is better than anything. It’s just so brilliant inside and out. It lifts exactly what it should and is neither too big nor too small. I don’t want to trade this one because it is the love of my life!” Her father was the main influence on her decision to become an operator. “My father also works in a construction company, and I was with him as a child and thought it was so much fun that I wanted to be one myself. So, in 7th grade, I decided I was going to be like my dad – I was going to be an operator! And I haven't regretted it for a second.”

Careers in construction

Not only does Karoline have the same job as her father, but also as her best friend, Veronica. “It's great that we're in the same company too. We have been together for many years now,” says Karoline. They both love working as operators. “The people here are really nice and I’m having a great time. After all, you get a lot of attention at work as a female operator. But luckily, it's much more positive than negative.” Veronica and her Hitachi ZX85US-6 excavator are in full swing, levelling and lowering trenches on Cargill’s site at Bergneset. “I really enjoy my small machine; it is suitable for everything. I got this new last year but worked with a similar one before that.” To others considering the same career path, Karoline and Veronica offer some light-hearted advice: “Go on, it's classy! And if you also like attention, that's great!”