Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe)

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe)

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1. The build goes on

The good news is that large infrastructure projects are continuing across Europe, and there is a high demand for more new housing, requiring innovative products and flexible solutions through 2023 and beyond. Rental Manager Rene Danielsson, says: “I believe customers can look forward to better availability of equipment to meet the demands of their projects in the coming year.”

2. The digital transformation continues

Further signs of growth are seen in the digital side of the construction industry. “Companies such as Hitachi Construction Machinery are not only manufacturers of equipment and machines, but also solution providers,” says Product Manager Pooja Gupta. “Digital solutions have cut through this industry in almost all areas, both on and off the field, starting from telematics and data-powered machines to remote and fleet management solutions.” Product Manager James Deighton acknowledges the benefits of such developments in the market: “Customers are increasingly looking for more than just machines, seeking integrated end-to-end solutions, ensuring they can complete work on and off site, with greater precision, efficiency and ease. Think attachments, fleet management, CAD integration, machine control, progress reporting, preventive maintenance and remote diagnostics.” As a result, we can expect to see even more machines with machine control and guidance, tool tracking and recognition, and safety features direct from the factory – all contributing to greater productivity, safety, and interconnectivity. The ongoing digital transformation of the construction industry also presents opportunities for it to attract digital native talent, explains James: “These include a new generation of skilled operators, construction teams and managers who expect their tools to be as connected as they are.” “With plenty of solutions and providers in the market, choosing the right partner for digital construction solutions will be an important consideration for customers in the years to come,” adds Pooja.

5. More choice, more flexibility

Machine owners are looking for greater flexibility when they purchase new equipment and upgrade their fleet, and customising is a hot topic for 2023. In line with this trend, HCME continues to work on the introduction of additional machine control suppliers as factory options for its models. “Auto-lubrication systems, already available for Zaxis-7 wheeled excavators, will be extended to our crawler models; and new LED work lights, beacon lights and bucket options will be added to the options list, giving our customers a wider choice and meeting their individual requirements,” says Product Manager Wilbert Blom. Whatever 2023 brings, it promises to be another exciting year in the ever-evolving construction world. According to marketing intelligence sources, HCME is optimistic about growth in the construction equipment market over the next 12 months, driven by continued investment across Europe and the UK. Although at the start of 2023, some of the economic factors remain uncertain, it’s clear that the high demand for Hitachi construction products will continue into 2023 and beyond. Keep track of the latest developments at HCME and in the construction industry by subscribing to Onsite below!