Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe)

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe)

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Rental market outlook

A continued shift from ownership to rental is predicted this year, with economic uncertainties expected to drive customers towards rental options as a cautious alternative. Rental Manager Rene Danielsson has big plans, including further development of the dealer network and the introduction of retail rental in France and the Netherlands. Rene says, “We may also see, in some countries, Hitachi dealers start up independent rental companies like KYO Rent in Spain, which we happily support.” Overall, the HCME target is ambitious, aiming to have 1,500 active rental machines through the Hitachi dealer network by the end of 2024!

Product evolution

Special application machines are set to undergo a modest evolution, with minor improvements planned for the Zaxis-7 models, according to Burkhard Janssen, European Department Head for Special Applications and New Technologies. The product line-up will be further extended in 2024 with selected multi-carrier and tool-carrier machines, following on from the successful launch of the ZX390TC-7, ZX400MC-7 and ZX600MC-7 last year. And a significant development in parts is that a new bucket configurator tool for dealers is also launching. This will enable dealers to help customers find the optimum bucket for their machines more effectively, helping to maximise performance. In addition, a new and improved range of ground engaging tools (GET) for large excavators will also be introduced.

Digital and technological advancements

In the digital realm, Product Manager James Deighton predicts a focus on tools that enhance efficiency through connectivity, particularly in optimising machine performance. Regarding what could be most useful for operators this year, he anticipates an increase in assistance systems, augmentation and automation. “Although these are yet to hit the mainstream, early adopters are already using payload, machine control, geofencing and site safety solutions,” he explains. “These technologies empower operators to optimise their process and reduce cognitive load, whilst reducing the risk of job-site accidents.”

Events and exhibitions

HCME is set to participate in major events in 2024, aiming to stay at the forefront of industry discussions and advancements. Burkhard Janssen, European Department Head of Special Applications & New Technologies, looks forward to German events in particular, including the VDBUM Seminar and the German Demolition Congress, both valuable platforms for the exchange of ideas. The European Rental Association’s Construction Equipment Forum in Berlin is another date in his diary. Product Support Manager Mark Luijten highlights the significance of Intermat in April, where Hitachi will showcase 10 of its latest models and share a wide range of Hitachi solutions, including buckets and GET. James Deighton also expresses excitement about Intermat and Digital Construction Week in June: “Understanding customers and their challenges is critical to what we do at HCME. These events provide us with the invaluable experience to speak face-to-face with people who use our technology every day.”