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Fuel-efficient excavators

Launched in 2020, the Zaxis-7 range of excavators use up to 10% less fuel compared to previous models. Hitachi’s industry-leading hydraulic system, TRIAS III, ensures that this performance is achieved across a variety of applications. “The new Zaxis-7 series has been developed with significant reductions in fuel consumption compared to the previous generation,” says Bill Drougkas, Manager Product Management. “They are equipped with Stage V engines to meet the latest emission standards regulations.” The fuel efficiency of Zaxis-7 machinery can be further controlled by using the new ECO gauge, clearly visible on the cab’s multifunctional 8” monitor. Besides reducing costs, better fuel economy has a positive impact on environmental performance.

Electric construction machinery

Hitachi Construction Machinery is also investing in the development of electric machinery and has introduced two models – the ZX55U-6EB and ZX85-6EB. These models are both battery-operated to contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Reduced noise levels inside and outside the cab also limits noise disturbance, which is particularly important in urban areas. In addition, they benefit from lower maintenance and service costs. Find out more about the benefits in our Onsite article on alternatively-fuelled construction machinery.

Reducing emissions with the Hitachi fleet management tool ConSite

“Integrating telematics and data analytics into construction machinery improves efficiency and reduces emissions” says Bill. “Telematics systems can monitor machine performance, optimise fuel consumption, and reduce unnecessary idling, contributing to emissions reduction.” Hitachi has a range of fleet management tools, including a telematics API which can be used for mixed fleets, and monitoring and reporting systems like ConSite to access and analyse machine data.