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Autonomous Haulage System(AHS)

Autonomous Haulage System(AHS)

Enhancing safety and streamlining overall mine operations to boost productivity

With mining sites becoming increasingly automated, Hitachi Construction Machinery is conducting development and tests for an Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) to enable the unmanned, autonomous operation of mining dump trucks.
Achieving the higher level of safety and productivity, and improving efficiency of overall management and operation have become a challenge for customers in mining industry.
Among these challenges, having dump trucks efficiently convey the materials excavated by ultra-large hydraulic excavators and the like holds a key to raising productivity.
A dump truck travels autonomously while stabilizing its body when it avoids obstacles on an unpaved haul road on which other vehicles and machines are coming and going.

Fleet Management System with a track record of being deployed around the world

AHS is a system that could help improve safety and productivity by autonomously controlling dump trucks based on instructions from a Fleet Management System (FMS).
As a Hitachi Construction Machinery Group company, Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd. provides FMS having an extensive track record of operations, mainly at open-cast mines around the world.
The system features are currently being expanded beyond mere dump truck dispatch management to supporting various operating tasks at mines.
Wenco’s FMS, one of the industry’s leading operational management systems, supports the foundations of Hitachi Construction Machinery’s AHS.

Utilizing railway signaling safety systems

Hitachi Construction Machinery’s AHS safely operates its autonomous dump trucks and contributing to efficiently utilize the bandwidth of a radio communication, a prominent factor of deciding the number of controllable vehicles, by dividing a hauling route from the mineral loading location to the offloading location into several segments and applying the AHS traffic control system which allows only one dump truck to run on a segment at a time.
The system feature has been developed by utilizing the block management method of railway signaling safety systems, a technology of Hitachi, Ltd.

EH5000AC-3 AC drive dump truck with high controllability

Hitachi Dump Trucks employ an alternating current (AC) drive system that operates a wheel motor with electric power obtained by running a generator through the engine.
Through the Advanced Vehicle Stabilization Controls Technologies jointly developed with Hitachi, Ltd., drive instructions are sent independently to the left and right wheel motors based on the conditions of the road surface to stabilize vehicle behavior while in operation and help the operator drive in a stable manner.
Dump trucks that have achieved this high-quality control become a key foundation for AHS.
We are pursuing development of AHS with the aim of taking the EH AC-3 series already in operation around the world and having them retrofittable with AHS specifications.


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