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Compaction Equipment

Hitachi Construction Machinery offers a lineup of tired rollers and vibratory rollers that perform compacting and spreading of a surface for use in road construction and paving work. We pursue optimum operating performance in Hitachi Road Construction Machinery. Operators enjoy enhanced operability with the inclusion of Active Motor Control, which instantly determines operating status based on the travel load placed on the equipment and automatically controls the pump and motor to maintain an efficient state. We also offer products allowing obstacle detection equipment to be fitted to the rear of a machine to help improve site safety. When a person or obstacle enters the detection range of the equipment, an alert is issued with revolving lights and a buzzer sound to alert the operator and nearby workers to the danger. ICT and IoT technologies are also utilized to support preventive maintenance and management for machinery. Information such as the operating position and maintenance history of equipment can be checked at a location away from the site. When information that could lead to machine down is detected from a sensor installed in the equipment, an emergency report can be automatically sent to a customer’s smartphone or PC. Reducing machine down helps customers address the challenge of reducing lifecycle costs.

Road Construction Machinery