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Hydraulic Excavators

Since 1965 when Hitachi, Ltd. developed the UH03, Japan’s first hydraulic excavator made purely with domestic technologies (The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Mechanical Engineering Heritage Listing No. 48), Hitachi Hydraulic Excavator has been a flagship product of Hitachi Construction Machinery, which has continued to pursue high reliability and superior operability. In addition, Hitachi ICT Hydraulic Excavators are equipped with Solution Linkage® Assist, a proprietary machine control feature developed by Hitachi Construction Machinery. This feature performs semi-automated control of the front section of the machine (boom, arm, bucket) in accordance with design parameters based on machine positional information obtained from a GNSS* receiver and three-dimensional information from the tip of the bucket. By providing Hitachi ICT Hydraulic Excavators that enable efficient work to be performed without over-excavating the target work surface, we help maintain the quality of work amid labor shortages and the decline in experienced operators, and contribute to improved productivity and safety. In addition, by combining our hydraulic systems and other in-house technologies with open innovation-based automotive technologies, we are able to offer customers a lineup of Hitachi Hybrid Hydraulic Excavators that maintain operability while improving fuel efficiency for lower management costs and help reduce environmental impact. * GNSS: Global Navigation Satellite System

Since 1965 when Hitachi, Ltd. developed the UH03